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How AI Can Enable Significantly Reduced Pediatric CT Dose Without Jeopardizing Image Quality

Aug 3, 2021 10:54:00 AM / by Dean Kaufman posted in CT Image Quality, Low Dose, Pediatric CT, Noise Reduction


Pediatric radiology teams strive to do everything possible to minimize dose exposure to children during a CT exam. However, even when deploying the latest scanner technologies in combination with dose-optimized protocols there is a limit to the level that dose can be reduced before the images become too noisy. This becomes particularly challenging with very small children, pediatric cancer patients and children with high Body Mass Index (BMI). PixelShine is a new image processing tool that uses Deep Learning methods to significantly reduce CT image noise, which expands the definition of the lowest possible dose, and has the potential to transform the As Low As Reasonably Attainable (ALARA) paradigm in pediatric CT imaging.

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